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We’ve just completed a 15minute video primer on Doing Business in Second Life. The project has taken since February to collect all the necessary material. Fortunately we have a great team and Biscuit Carroll’s narration is superb. If you’re looking to do business in Second Life then this video is a must see. Advertisements

Probably the most problematic issue when making movies in Second Life is coordinating the troops. With the User Interface (UI) turned off – a necessity when doing a capture – it is easy to miss messages from cast or crew. One of the ways around that is using Skype thereby removing the need for Second […]

One of the things I love about film-making in Second Life is the ability to do easy green/blue screen work. The chore of lighting a scene perfectly is essentially removed thanks to Second Life’s ‘full bright’ setting for materials. By setting that, I know the green screen is evenly lit, no matter how I set […]

One of the big differences I’ve noticed between real life and Second Life is that people doing business tend to be more relaxed. This has both good and bad aspects. On the one hand there’s much less pressure. For example, nobody gets upset if you make a joke. Even a bad one. I’ve had real […]

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