Aspects of business


Skribe ProductionsOne of the big differences I’ve noticed between real life and Second Life is that people doing business tend to be more relaxed. This has both good and bad aspects.

On the one hand there’s much less pressure. For example, nobody gets upset if you make a joke. Even a bad one. I’ve had real world clients that look like they haven’t laughed since Kennedy was president.

On the other hand, people doing business in Second Life tend to be a lot less prompt than their real life peers. Missing a meeting deadline by as little as 5 minutes can be the difference between sale and no sale in the real world, but I’ve seen people rock up 30 minutes or more late, and on occasion not show at all, in Second Life. I’ve had proprietors make promises about delivery and then miss them by a week or more – usually with some lame-arse excuse. In one case I had a business owner promise to deliver, fail to answer enquiries for a month, deliver a lame-arsed excuse and then decide that they didn’t want to sell the item they had advertised at all – would you be interested in this other item I have for sale? Of course in the real world such business owners would fall foul of the anti-bait and switch laws, but Second Life’s laissez-faire approach means that currently such businesses not only exist but flourish.

Second Life is like being in a foreign country. Doing business there has it’s own strengths and weaknesses, but it’s really all a matter of learning the rules and applying them.


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