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Today I chose to submit Mine! to Revver. I’ve had one film there for about a year but frankly didn’t feel it was worthwhile uploading any others. I don’t think much of their revenue model nor the number of hits they were generating. So what’s the point? But, on a whim, I thought what the […]

Who’s Envoy?


A few days ago I joined up to Second Citizen and part of the sign up process involves making an introductory post. So as part of my intro I said I was a kickass machinima maker. Well shortly after my post went live somebody by the name of Envoy Costagravas wrote back (as a joke) […]

But you don’t have any actors? Then do it all yourself. All you need is a couple of good quality skins, some weapons (free ones are available) and a green screen. Oh, and about 50 hours of free time. Here’s what you can end up with: Mine!