That Tingling Feeling


Recently a friend sent me this ad for a motion graphics artist:

We require artists to have strong design sense in term of graphic design and motion, be able to work as a team, have a good working attitude. Technique/skills required: Adobe AE, Photoshop, Illustrator, and 3D studio max (these are all compulsary).

Salary: talk later.

Working hour: mondays to fridays, 10 to 7.

Now seriously, would anybody who has any talent doing motion graphics – which is long, arduous work that requires immense talent in a number of disciplines – want to spend 45+ hours working with a boss that can’t even be bothered talking salary terms? Especially when the job is in a region that has massive skills shortages for these same disciplines.

The film, television and video industries are very seductive. Unfortunately there are people that prey upon that. The industry is full of them. While I’m not saying that this employer is a shyster, I’d be very wary of dealing with anybody that posted an ad like the one above. Call it a gut feeling. Or call it experience. It certainly has my spidey-sense tingling.


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