First Impressions


Is the old adage that first impressions count still valid when doing business in virtual worlds? You better believe it. Just because you can have movie star looks and a 15000 item wardrobe doesn’t mean you can shirk on the basics. I remember reading about a programmer that was attending a job interview in Second Life. He showed up in a t-shirt and jeans and he was told, by the secretary, to go away and change into a suit. He did and he got the job.

Whilst not every business will demand such dress etiquette, when meeting clients or contractors for the first time it is important to make a good impression. It gives you a negotiating edge. If you look a million dollars people will notice – even if it’s only subconsciously. Especially when the people you’re meeting are stuck wearing freebies. It’s the old salespeoples driving sportscars trick. Look successful to be successful. Virtual worlds are no different.

Likewise, be prompt. Even show up a little early to show you’re eager. If you’re unavoidably delayed or detained, message ahead. Tell the person you’re meeting so they’re not waiting around for you. Being late or not showing up at all leaves the worst impression. Especially for those that are used to dealing only in the real world.

Doing business is a negotiated partnership. Use every advantage you can.


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