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Is the old adage that first impressions count still valid when doing business in virtual worlds? You better believe it. Just because you can have movie star looks and a 15000 item wardrobe doesn’t mean you can shirk on the basics. I remember reading about a programmer that was attending a job interview in Second […]

We’ve just completed a 15minute video primer on Doing Business in Second Life. The project has taken since February to collect all the necessary material. Fortunately we have a great team and Biscuit Carroll’s narration is superb. If you’re looking to do business in Second Life then this video is a must see.

One of the things I love about film-making in Second Life is the ability to do easy green/blue screen work. The chore of lighting a scene perfectly is essentially removed thanks to Second Life’s ‘full bright’ setting for materials. By setting that, I know the green screen is evenly lit, no matter how I set […]