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[ ?posts_id=663024&dest=-1] The Commercial [ ?posts_id=724443&dest=-1] Tutorial. Advertisements

[ ?posts_id=635244&dest=-1] Another commercial for Clever Zebra. This time for their excellent 120-seat amphitheatre. Great stuff!

[ ?posts_id=621112&dest=-1] Back in action again.  This is a commercial we did for Clever Zebra’s excellent build.

In case you’re wondering why there hasn’t been anything posted here since July it is because we’ve been busy. Most of what we’ve been doing lately is under NDA so I can’t reveal any details, but I can tell you about a tale of woe and major crapworthiness. It’s mid-August and we were called in […]

[ ?posts_id=310897&dest=-1] Finally we’ve put together a promo for ourselves.

Who’s Envoy?


A few days ago I joined up to Second Citizen and part of the sign up process involves making an introductory post. So as part of my intro I said I was a kickass machinima maker. Well shortly after my post went live somebody by the name of Envoy Costagravas wrote back (as a joke) […]