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Is the old adage that first impressions count still valid when doing business in virtual worlds? You better believe it. Just because you can have movie star looks and a 15000 item wardrobe doesn’t mean you can shirk on the basics. I remember reading about a programmer that was attending a job interview in Second […]

[ ?posts_id=663024&dest=-1] The Commercial [ ?posts_id=724443&dest=-1] Tutorial.

Recently a few people have been wondering why I made the shift from doing real world video production and take the incredible risk to move into making machinima, mainly in Second Life. Well here’s something I wrote 3 years ago that is kinda indicative of what real world video production had become for me: You […]

[ ?posts_id=635244&dest=-1] Another commercial for Clever Zebra. This time for their excellent 120-seat amphitheatre. Great stuff!

[ ?posts_id=621112&dest=-1] Back in action again.  This is a commercial we did for Clever Zebra’s excellent build.

We heard about a place from this old dude where the surfing was totally awesome. A place that was hard to get to, which few people knew about. So we packed up our boards and our camera and headed there in our beat-up old combie. This is what we found… [ ?posts_id=548629&dest=-1]